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Topics In Talmud: Hanukkah

Topics in Talmud: Hanukkah

By Dr. David Kraemer | Joseph J. and Dora Abbell Librarian and Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics

posted on October 25, 2009 / 7 Heshvan 5770

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The Essential Talmud: 10 Talmudic Topics Every Jew Should Know.

A series originally geared towards rabbis, now open to all, Dr. David Kraemer the Joseph J. and Dora Abbell Librarian and professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at The Jewish Theological Seminary discusses important topics in Jewish life.

This session discusses Hanukkah.

Download the source sheet with English translations for "Topics in Talmuld: Hanukkah" here.

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